Contractions are normal during labor and delivery.  However, they should settle into a pattern.  Where a laboring mother has more than 5 contractions in 10 minutes, she is suffering from tachysystole.  Tachysystole can cause harm to an unborn fetus because the fetus is given very little time to recover during contractions.  That recovery time is invaluable, as it is when the fetus replenishes its oxygen supply and purges waste.

Tachysystole is not a medical emergency, but should be monitored by an OBGYN, midwife or nurse because a fetus can only tolerate the extra contractions for so long before it begins to suffer from hypoxia and/or acidosis.  Perhaps the most common cause for tachysystole is the administration of too much Pitocin or oxytocin, resulting in overstimulation.  Other causes of tachysystole include:
  • maternal dehydration;
  • pre-eclampsia;
  • placental abruption; and
  • chorioamnionitis.
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