Product Liability

Product liability law is a very specific area of personal injury law that deals with holding product manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers responsible for injuries caused by dangerous or defective products.  Virtually all products fall within the purview of product liability law, including:

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are 2-300 product recalls every year.  A product recall occurs when a manufacturer urges the public to return the product sold, typically for a refund, because the manufacturer believes that there is something wrong (or potentially wrong) with the item.  The vast majority of recalls include childrens' toys, but countless other recalls have concerned cars, household appliances, medications, furniture and power tools.  

Injuries due to defective consumer products can result in permanent disability and life-altering damages, including death. 

For nearly three decades, our legal team has represented individuals who were harmed by products that were designed or produced in an unsafe or unreasonably dangerous manner.  In many cases, the products failed to perform as the manufacturer intended, or fail to perform when used by a consumer in a reasonably foreseeable manner.  In other cases, the products failed to be accompanied by warnings sufficient to notify a consumer about a hidden characteristic of the product that is dangerous.  When a product is defective in one or more of these ways and a consumer is injured, the manufacturer may be liable.

Several actors may be at fault for a defective product that injures a consumer. In some cases, only the manufacturer may be subject to liability; in other cases, a regional distributor, wholesaler, local retailer, or general contractor, may also be at fault for the sale or use of the product.

The trial lawyers at Bottar Law, PLLC, have decades of experience investigating, prosecuting and trying to verdict all types of product liability cases.  If you or a loved one were injured by a dangerous product, you and your family may be entitled to compensation for lifelong health care, medical expenses, medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. 

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