Acidosis is a term associated with increased acidity in the blood. In the context of labor and delivery, a fetal arterial blood pH below 7.20 is considered acidotic, which can be a marker for fetal hypoxia due to medical malpractice.

A fetus depends on a mother for the intake of oxygen and expulsion of carbon dioxide. The success of the exchange between mother and fetus turns on adequate concentrations of maternal blood gas, placental transfer, blood supply to the uterus, and fetal gas transport.

Disruption of any of these variables can cause fetal hypoxia, or a shortage of oxygen. While a fetus has many compensatory mechanisms to combat a brief shortage of oxygen, at some point the fetus will tire, its respiratory and mechanical defenses will fail, and its blood will become acidotic.  Many studies have found a correlation between acidosis, fetal distress and fetal brain injuries leading to disorders such as cerebral palsy.

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