Placenta Previa

The placenta is the pancake-shaped structure that connects the fetus to the wall of the uterus, through which a developing baby receives nutrients via the umbilical cord.  In the usual case, the placenta attaches high in the uterus.  Placenta previa is a pregnancy complication where the placenta grows low in the uterus and blocks, in whole or part, the opening to the cervix. 

Early in pregnancy, placenta previa is not a cause for concern because it may migrate due to uterine expansion.  However, it may become a problem if it is still near (marginal placenta previa) or blocking (complete placenta previa) the cervix close to your delivery date.  Your OBGYN should perform an ultrasound to determine if you have placenta previa because a cesarean section may be to avoid excessive placental bleeding that may result from dilation of the cervix during labor.  Failure to perform an ultrasound to diagnose placenta previa may be medical malpractice.

There are other complications associated with placenta previa, including low birth weight babies (due to intrauterine growth restrictions) that are at risk for cerebral palsy.  Placenta previa is also associated with placenta accreta (a placenta that is implanted too deeply and does not easily separate from the uterine wall) which is associated with post partum hemorrhaging and fetal hypoxia.

There are several risk factors for placenta previa:
  • prior placenta previa;
  • multiple gestation;
  • prior cesarean section;
  • prior uterine surgery;
  • smoking;
  • cocaine; and
  • advanced maternal age.
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