Breech Birth

As a fetus reaches term (40 weeks gestation), there is limited room in the uterus (womb).  Most babies (97%) settle into the birth canal head down, which is known as a  cephalic presentation.  However, some babies settle in buttocks or feet first, which is known as a breech presentation.  There are three different types of breech presentation, including:
  • frank breech (buttocks first with feet up by head);
  • complete breech (buttocks first with legs Indian-style); and
  • footling breech (one or both feet first).
Where a baby presents shoulder or arm first, this is known as a transverse presentation.  A doctor, such as an OBGYN, should be able to determine whether a baby is presenting in a conventional or abnormal manner by utilizing an ultrasound.

Where a doctor fails to take the appropriate precautions to prevent or fails to act properly in response to a breech or transverse baby, and a baby is injured, the doctor may be liable for medical malpractice. 

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