Leptomeningeal Cyst

A leptomeningeal cyst is a rare, but known, complication associated with a skull fracture during childbirth.  If a baby's skull is fractured in a linear fashion with separation of the edges of the fracture and laceration of the dura, entrapment of the arachnoid membranes (between the edges of the skull fracture) can occur and a cyst forms.  When this happens, the natural pulsation of the brain (i.e., blood flow) in these membranes can cause erosion of the bony skull.

This condition, which is commonly misdiagnosed as a cephalohematoma, is readily identifiable by x-ray and can be repaired with surgery.  If a doctor or hospital fails to identify the condition, and it goes untreated, a baby may suffer from seizures, mental retardation and hydrocephalus. 

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