All bones in the body are covered by a very tough "skin" known as the periosteum.  A cephalohematoma is a collection of blood beneath the periosteum that feels like a water balloon.  Generally, they are a painless and benign finding.  However, they can be a sign of a skull fracture.

Cephalohematomas are a complication most-commonly associated with childbirth, especially forceps deliveries and vacuum extractions.  They usually occur when a baby's head is forced into and/or through the birth canal.  During this stage of labor and delivery, veins can be torn and blood pools.  In most cases, the blood is reabsorbed over the course of a few days.  However, where the collection of blood is significant and is associated with other birth trauma, a cephalohematoma may be a sign that your baby has suffered a birth injury, such as:
The trial lawyers at Bottar Law, PLLC, have decades of experience investigating, prosecuting and trying to verdict medical malpractice, birth injury and hospital negligence cases involving cephalohematomas.  If your baby has been diagnosed with a cephalohematoma, he or she may also have suffered other birth injuries and you and your family may be entitled to compensation for lifelong health care, medical expenses, medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. 

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