Why Was My Baby Born With A Low APGAR Score?

A low APGAR score at birth is normal for many healthy newborns.  However, it may be a sign of a birth injury if it is persistently low, especially where the score remains at or around 3 for more than five minutes.  Where an APGAR score is persistently low, a baby may need immediate resuscitation, including blow-by oxygen and positive pressure ventilation (commonly provided by a NICU team).  Without resuscitation, a birth depressed baby may suffer brain damage known as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.  Low APGAR scores can be due to e.g., maternal anesthesia, prematurity, and fetal distress due to hypoxia

Where a medical provider fails to recognize fetal distress before delivery, which is often marked by fetal heart rate decelerations, and allows a baby to experience prolonged hypoxia, a birth injury lawsuit may be necessary to secure compensation for disabilities such as cerebral palsy that stem from preventable neonatal asphyxia.

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