Illinois Family Alleges Prescription Medication Death


shutterstock_334895513One of the executors of a deceased woman’s estate filed a lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court, claiming that the woman died after taking a new prescription medication.

Judi Ashcroft, acting as both an individual and an executor of the estate of Wanda Phillips, filed the complaint in late October. Named in the complain is Dr. Sophia Rostovtseva, Unlimited Development Inc., Maryville Physicians’ Services LLC, Home Pharmacy Services LLC, UDI #2 LLC, and others. Ashcroft alleges that all involved failed to provide the accepted standard of medical care.

According to court documents, Ashcroft is alleging that Phillips was a patient of Liberty Village of Maryville in February 2015. It was at that time that Rostovtseva prescribed the woman fludrocortisone, a drug that should not have been prescribed with her heart condition. It was just two days later that Phillips’ mental state deteriorated and she was admitted to the hospital. Phillips never recovered.

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