Millions Awarded in Connecticut Birth Injury Lawsuit


One of the largest birth injury verdicts in Connecticut was handed down in mid-October. A former Norwich family was awarded $4.2 million after a jury decided that a midwife failed to perform a delivery correctly, resulting in permanent injuries.

According to the plaintiff’s lawyers, the infant was pulled from the womb incorrectly. The child suffered with a permanent shoulder injury as a result. The lawsuit filed presented several complaints. Midwife Brenda Gilmore, according to the family’s attorneys, failed to provide proper medical care, applied pressure and torsion to the infant, and used excessive traction.

As a result of Gilmore’s actions, the child suffers with Erb’s palsy, neuropathy, weakness, right arm atrophy, and shoulder dystocia. The injures have deprived the child of living a “normal” life and will mean years of medical care. The mother filed a complaint for her own emotional suffering and psychological distress stemming from the delivery.

After the baby was born, the family moved to Pennsylvania. The child, Jenniyah, is now a student in the second grade. None of the parties involved in the lawsuit commented after the verdict.

The birth of a child should be a joyous occasion. If you believe that your child was injured due to the mistake or negligence of a midwife or OB-GYN in New York, call our team of birth injury attorneys. We will help you schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation at which time we will advise you of the options available to you and your family under current state law.

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