Johns Hopkins Attempting to Reduce Errors


It is no secret that diagnostic errors can lead to severe injury. It is a misconception that doctors and other medical professionals are not just as concerned about the rate of error as the general public. To address these concerns, Johns Hopkins Medicine is opening the Armstrong Institute Center of Diagnostic Excellence. Leading the center will be Dr. David Newman-Toker.

At the core of the center’s objectives is learning how to eliminate preventable harm through the use of innovative diagnostic tools. The center will be staffed by medical professionals of varying disciplines. Said Dr. Newman-Toker:

“Misdiagnosis is incredibly frequent because medicine is incredibly hard. There’s uncertainty, complexity and incomplete information all the time. But we can do better than we’re doing right now, and our new center will lead change to make that a reality.”

According to statistics, diagnostic errors affect close to 12 million Americans each year. It is thought that as many as one-third of these errors may result in serious injuries, permanent disability or death.

Dr. Peter Pronovost, senior vice president of patient safety and quality for the institution, said, “With the new Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence, we envision a world where diagnoses are accurate, timely and effectively communicated to patients, avoiding both diagnostic error and overdiagnosis. Our patients deserve nothing less.”

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