Call to Broker Costs Obstetrician


A woman in Miami has won more than $30 million in a medical malpractice case she filed against an obstetrician. The woman was able to prove that her son suffered permanent injury at the hand’s of the doctor in 2013.

Reports say that the woman, then 19 years old, went to North Shore Medical Center in Miami in labor. She was in the final stages of her labor when she arrived at the hospital. The woman’s pregnancy was not high risk, but the doctor, according to the lawsuit, made a series of errors that led to her newborn’s medical issues.

The doctor, the woman said, ordered a drug to be administered that would strengthen the woman’s contractions. He then failed to perform a C-section, instead taking a call from his stockbroker that lasted for eight minutes. The child was born limp and blue, and he now has severe brain damage due to a lack of oxygen during his birth.

The doctor attempted to place blame on the mother. He said that she did not push hard enough. He also noted that he had offered a C-section that the woman had declined. This was untrue. The mother says that the doctor never apologized for his actions, but lied and tried to place the blame on her shoulders.

The money awarded will go to help pay for the round-the-clock care required by the woman’s son. The care will be required for the rest of the child’s life.

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