Family Awarded Over $40 Million in Lawsuit


A family has a child who will cope with intellectual and physical disabilities for the rest of his life. Those disabilities are connected to the brain injury that has been attributed to his delivery and the doctor in charge of that delivery. The family will receive $42 million.

According to reports, the child’s parents will be awarded by the government. It is slightly unusual for the government to be responsible for paying out a medical malpractice award, but the hospital in which the error occurred is a federally-funded center. The parents and their legal representatives say that the doctor used forceps during the birth,  injuring the child.

Reports say that the labor was going normally, but after a push, the doctor decided to use forceps. The doctor them used the forceps again, pulling on the child. The use of the forceps, according to attorneys, was uncalled for at that stage of delivery.

The child is now 5 years old and cannot express himself, though he can understand what is being said to him. He will be required to use a wheelchair for mobility, and he has emotional outbursts. The child has had six separate surgeries since his birth and will need more as he ages.

Doctors say that the child will likely need to be placed in a care facility by the time he is 22, as he will be too large for his parents to handle. The award includes nearly $33 million for the child’s future medical needs.

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