Defendants Deny Medical Malpractice


A case has been brought against several emergency room physicians and medical groups. The plaintiffs say that their family member died from a flesh-eating bacteria that went undiagnosed. The plaintiffs are denying those claims.

According to reports, a man visited a clinic in Athens, Ohio with complaints of congestion, chills, body aches and a fever. The man was prescribed a medication and sent home. Several days later, the man began to experience swelling in his leg, a fast heartbeat and flu-like symptoms. After being seen at the hospital, the man was sent home, scheduled for an ultra-sound the following morning.

The man’s pain became so severe that he was transported back to the emergency room early in the morning. The man was given medication and admitted to the hospital. His symptoms continued to worsen and he was flown by helicopter to a different hospital.

It was at the “new” hospital that the man was diagnosed with necrotizing faciitis in his leg. The man’s leg was ultimately amputated. Despite the amputation and other treatments, the disease had progressed too far and the man lost his life. The plaintiffs allege that had the man been diagnosed properly in the beginning, the disease would not have worsened and would have been treatable.

The lawsuit is charging negligence, and the plaintiffs are seeking punitive and compensatory damages.

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