Patient Claims She Fell from Operating Table


A woman claims that she was under anesthesia during a surgical procedure and fell from the operating table. She has filed a lawsuit against two doctors and a hospital, claiming medical malpractice.

According to reports, the team responsible for ensuring that the woman was safely secured to the operating table failed to do so. The woman was on the operating table for an appendectomy when she fell from the operating table. As a result, the woman has suffered pain in her neck and shoulder.

The woman’s family was told of the incident shortly after it happened. The hospital asked for permission to test the woman to determine if she had sustained any injury or damage from the fall. The woman says now that she has issues that have been ongoing, and these issues were not present before the fall.

The lawsuit also alleges that hospital staff made fun of the woman following the incident. Calling her the “table lady” and making reference to the size of her body. Apparently the fall occurred as doctors were tilting the woman to her side in order to reach her appendix.

The report did not disclose how much money the woman is seeking as a result of her incident.

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