Avoid These Post-Surgery Mistakes


Undergoing a surgical procedure is a serious event and mistakes can happen. Not all of these mistakes add-up to medical error or negligence. Some of the mistakes made are completely in your control. Following your doctor’s instructions for your post-surgical care is important, and not doing so can severely impact your ability to heal properly and get back on your feet.

Here are the mistakes that people make most often following surgery.

1. Doing Too Much

Jumping the gun and doing too much too soon could mean that your wound doesn’t heal properly or you cause damage to your surgical site. Always stick to what your surgeon suggests following your surgery. This may include restrictions on the amount of weight you can lift, the amount of exercise you can perform or even when you can go back to work.

2. Not Moving

You may feel like staying in bed after your surgery, but you should get up as soon as you are cleared to do so. People are often scared to move too much after surgery, but remaining immobile can lead to blood clots, pressure soars and muscle weakening. If your doctor has told you that its safe to get up and move, do it.

3. Medication Errors

Don’t skip taking your medication because you are worried about side-effects or addiction. Your doctor prescribed your medication for a reason. Make sure you take it. If you experience side effects or would like to wean yourself to something over-the-counter, talk to your doctor.

4. Eating and Drinking

Your body needs energy to heal itself. Even if you don’t feel like eating or drinking, you need to. If you truly have no appetite, speak with your doctor. It could be a side effect of your medication.

5. Following Up

If you have been schedule for follow-up appointments or any type of therapy, stick to it. Your healing correctly could be determined by your participation. If you have to miss an appointment due to other obligations, don’t fail to reschedule.

Surgery is not something to be taken lightly. Post-surgery care is a partnership between you and your doctor. Actively and correctly participating in your after-care can mean the difference between healing correctly and needing further medical attention.

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