Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon


Most people have heard at least one story of a person who went out of the country for a cosmetic procedure to save money. There is no doubt that seeking surgery outside of the United States may be more cost effective, but it is also dangerous. The same can be said of surgeons in our own country. If you don’t practice due diligence in selecting your cosmetic surgeon, you can pay dearly later.

Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure in many cases, but it still risky. Anesthesia and the altering of body tissues bring with them dangers that need to be paid attention to. When you choose a surgeon mindfully, you can reduce some of the risks. Here are tips for choosing the right cosmetic surgeon for your needs.

1. Board Certified

The first thing to look for is a board-certified surgeon. The American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies medical professionals after five years of training in general surgery and two to three more years in plastic surgery. These doctors also have to pass oral and written tests to become certified, have to participate in continuing education and take a written test to renew their certification.

2. The Record

You can visit your state’s medical board website to check the record of any surgeon you are considering. While a single malpractice complaint shouldn’t typically have you looking for someone else, multiple complaints are a red flag.

3. Multiple Procedures

Be wary of any surgeon that suggests bundling procedures. This puts you at a higher risk for error. While your doctor may specialize in more than one procedure, they shouldn’t perform them all on you in a single surgery. The longer you are under anesthesia and the more alterations to your body, the greater your danger. If you want more than one procedure, schedule different surgeries.

4. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth isn’t the best way to pick a surgeon, but it is certainly a factor. If you know people who have undergone cosmetic surgery, ask them for their recommendations. Find out if they would be comfortable visiting their surgeon for another procedure or if they would look elsewhere.

Cosmetic surgery is not something to be taken lightly. Medical errors occur during any type of surgery and it is up to you to lower your risk. By choosing the right surgeon, your chances of experiencing complications can be lowered.

If you were injured during a cosmetic procedure in New York, contact our office. A member of our team will review the details of your case and advise you of your options under state law. Call now.



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