Pennsylvania Case Settled for $6 Million


PET_CT_scanA judge approved a settlement last week in a medical malpractice case. The victim’s widow will receive $6 million based on the judge’s orders.

According to reports, Leigh A. Isaacs filed the action after her husband, Harold D. Isaacs Jr., died on June 21, 2013 at the age of 41. The couple resided in New Wilmington at the time of the man’s death.

The notice of intent to sue was filed in Mercer County Common Please Court on June 19, 2015. Named in the lawsuit were University of Pittsburgh Physicians, UPMC Horizon in Greenville and Dr. Joseph J. Wizorek.

Attorney’s who filed the petition said that Isaacs was involved in a minor auto accident. Upon entrance to the hospital, Isaacs was given a CT scan of his chest. A “small, asymptomatic mass” was discovered in connecting tissue. Isaacs was referred to Dr. Wizorek for a mass removal.

The mass was removed on June 20, 2013, and Isaacs died the next day from multi-system organ failure. Attorneys for the family say that an expert opinion stated that there were “numerous deviations from the standard of care” in the case.

The settlement include $2.4 million which will go to the widow and $1.2 million that will be distributed to each of Isaacs’ minor children. $400,000 will go to the family’s attorney.

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