Wyoming Family Sued After Death of Teenager


4670952826_c80f5676dc_bCheyenne Regional Medical Center in Wyoming has been sued over what is alleged to be the wrongful death of a teenager. Attorneys have not disclosed the exact amount they are seeking in the suit. Doctor B. Douglas Harris has been named in the suit alongside the hospital.

According to documents, Isaac Salas, a student at South High School, had been injured during a wrestling practice in 2010. The teenager broke two vertebrae in his back and was paralyzed as a result. Salas was admitted to the emergency room at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center in 2011 because he was having issues with a catheter.

Salas underwent surgery the day after he arrived at the emergency room. He was released from the hospital and died. His mother, Melissa Plumley, says that the teen’s death was caused by fluid build up in his lungs due to pain medication. She is also claiming that her son never should have been released from the hospital because he was having trouble breathing.

An attorney from the hospital stated that drowning was not the cause of death, but cardiac arrest was to blame.

The case, being heard by District Judge Steven K. Sharpe, is expected to take approximately two weeks to be heard.

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