California Hospital Sued for Medical Malpractice


Ritalin-SR-20mg-1000x1000The State Department of Public Health in California cited Clovis Community Medical Center after the death of Clarissa Ardern two years ago. An investigation found wrongdoing in the events surrounding her death. Now, her daughter is suing the hospital for medical malpractice.

According to reports, Clarissa Ardern went to the medical center complaining of a stomach ache. She was admitted and given treatment. Ardern ultimately died of respiratory failure. It is alleged that a nurse involved in the woman’s case delivered a strong narcotic and then failed to monitor Ardern properly.

The suit alleges that the nurse did not assess Ardern’s pain level correctly or document it. The nurse also did not tell her relieving nurse that she had delivered the narcotic. The hospital released a statement to news reporters that said, “Although it is still in litigation, the incident was clearly unfortunate and we worked with the state when it occurred more than a year ago. It was investigated and we completed corrective steps that were approved by the state and included a thorough investigation of our policies, adjustments in our procedures and appropriate training of our staff.”

Attorneys have not said exactly how much they are seeking in the lawsuit, but they hope that by filing suit, they are showing that the elderly deserve better care.

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