“Wrongful Birth” Bill Introduced in Texas


shutterstock_285085547-300x188The law may soon be changing in Texas. A bill has been introduced that would protect doctors from “wrongful birth” lawsuits filed by families. The aim of the bill is to protect not only doctors, but the rights of disabled infants.

Currently in the state, families are able to sue doctors who fail to diagnose fetuses with disabilities. Parents, when diagnosis are not available, do not have the information available to determine whether or not they desire carrying the pregnancy to term.

According to opponents of the law, the bill would essentially give doctors the right to lie to parents if they believe the parents would choose to terminate the pregnancy rather than give birth to a child with life-altering disabilities. Proponents of the law says that it protects the disabled.

Even though parents have the right to sue doctors when they fail to diagnose diseases that could lead to disability while the infant is still in the womb, such cases are rare. The author of the bill acknowledges this, but believes the bill is still necessary in order to protect doctors.

Those who stand in favor of the bill say that there is no hidden agenda. It’s wording does not encourage doctors to lie, it merely protects them from parents who would did not have a healthy child. Those against the bill say that there would be nothing to stop doctors from misinforming parents based on personal and religious beliefs.

Despite objections to the bill, it was voted to be heard by the full Senate.

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