Army Vet Awarded $2.5 Million


A United States Army veteran was awarded $2.5 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The defendant, the Phoenix VA, lost the case that stemmed from a 2011 mistake.

According to reports, the veteran went to the VA in Phoenix for an initial examination. It wasn’t until 11 months later that the vet was told that he has stage 4 prostate cancer. The man was given a short time to live even though there were no signs of cancer during the first examination.

The veteran had originally filed a lawsuit for $50 million. While the vet wasn’t awarded what he had sought, he says it isn’t about the money. According to the man, what matters is that vets around the country deserve treatment that is better than what he received. There should be, he says, a better system.

This is the first court case involving a sick veteran since news of service men and women waiting months for care in Phoenix surfaced. A fellow veteran said, after the case, that it sent a message that VA centers around the country would be held accountable. It is a win for all veterans.

No person, whether or not they have served in the military, should experience delays in diagnosis or treatment. People have the right to proper health care in this country, no matter their station in life.

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