Woman Sent Bill for Surgery That Caused Complications


shutterstock_553641040-300x217A woman in Las Vegas is claiming that she was sent a bill for a surgery that caused her to be admitted to the hospital. Nicole Balangkura underwent a procedure that was supposed to help her conceive a child. Instead, the procedure caused injury that could prevent that from ever happening, and now she is being asked to pay for that procedure.

According to reports, Balangkura underwent a procedure to remove pre-cancer cells from her cervix. The procedure was recommended by her gynecologist and was performed at WellHealth Women’s Specialty Care by Dr. Jasmine Pedroso. Balangkura told reporters that she was already nervous about the procedure and her nerves were heightened when she entered the cluttered office.

Balangkura was given a numbing injection before the procedure started and was immediately thrown into extreme pain. She lost her hearing and her vision, and Balangkura suffered a migraine almost immediately. She was informed of Pedroso’s mistake when she was taken to the emergency room: The doctor had injected the solution directly into Balangkura’s bloodstream.

The woman says that she understands mistakes happen and that she isn’t after a large payout. She simply wants to not be charged for a procedure that was over before it even began, especially in light of her injuries. If forced to pay for the botched procedure, Balangkura and her husband will not have the money necessary for needed IVF treatments so that the couple can start the family they have dreamed of for years.

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