Judge Rules Against Florida Plastic Surgeon


shutterstock_554226490-300x200Two women in Miami visited Dr. Osak Omulepu for Brazilian Butt Lifts, and an administrative law judge has ruled that the doctor ultimately committed medical malpractice. Both women were subjected to injury during their procedures. The state was able to prove negligence as it applied to the standard of care the doctor provided to the women.

A medical malpractice hearing was conducted two months ago based upon complaints from four separate patients. Each said that they were injured by Omulepu in early 2015. Judge Mary Creasy ruled that the state had been able to prove six of the nine counts that were filed. Those counts included not documenting medical records properly and a failure to provide the accepted standard of care.

One of the victims spend almost a month in a coma following her procedure. Two women suffered organ punctures during their surgeries. Yet another woman spent four months in the hospital following her procedure. The doctor was found to have been guilty of causing the perforations, including a hole in the colon of one of the patients. One of the women experienced punctures in her liver and damage to her chest and abdominal wall.

While any surgery has its inherent risks, puncturing organs of multiple patients is not seen as one of those risks and was a contributing factor in the judge’s findings. Omulepu faces probation, a reprimand and a $14,000 fine, along with costs associated with the case. For the victims, some justice is better than none, but they are not entirely pleased with the outcome.

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