Wisconsin VA Hit with Medical Malpractice Lawsuit


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/33/Seal_of_the_United_States_Department_of_Veterans_Affairs_(1989-2012).svg/2000px-Seal_of_the_United_States_Department_of_Veterans_Affairs_(1989-2012).svg.pngJason Simcakoski was prescribed approximately 14 different drugs when he visited the Wisconsin Veterans Affairs facility. He later died despite his family’s concerns that he was too sedate when they visited him. The family is now suing the facility, alleging medical malpractice.

According to documents, Simcakoski was diagnosed, among other drugs, Suboxone. the drug is typically used for narcotic addiction, but was given to this patient to relieve chronic pain. The drug, the suit alleges, was given in too high of a dose and with a mixture of other pills.

On August 30, 2014, Simcakoski’s family visited him at the facility. They expressed concern that he was hardly able to talk and seemed more sedate than usual. In the early afternoon, the patient was discovered to be unresponsive and life saving measures were not started until approximately 10 minutes after he was discovered to be in distress.

An independent investigation by the VA inspector general determined that the man’s death was due to deficiencies in his care. One doctor was fired as a result of that investigation. A second investigation determined that two other doctors were prescribing narcotics in large amounts.

The amount of remedy that the family is seeking was not immediately released.

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