Be Careful When Helping Victims of Hurricane Matthew


As residents of the coastal states work to clean up the damage that Hurricane Matthew left in its wake, people in New York and other states will begin to offer their assistance. If you plan on counting yourself among those who will donate to the relief efforts, it is important that you do so wisely.

According to the FBI, there were more than 4,000 websites that popped up after Hurricane Katrina, advertising that accepted donations would be sent to victims. These websites were scams. Experts also recommend not contributing to any organization with an verifiable overhead of more than 20 percent.

So how can you help safely?

1. Reputable Charities

Only send your money to a reputable charity. The American Red Cross , churches and county offices are always safe choices. You can also donate to the Salvation Army if you choose to do so. Do not send money to social media sites or via text. Yes, the Red Cross often accepts donations by this method, but there are administrative fees that will reduce the full amount of your donation.

2. Supplies

Do not send supplies until there is a specific group asking that you do so. While flood victims may need items like clothing, towels and more, it needs to be given and distributed in an organized manner.

3. The Humane Society

Animals are often the forgotten victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters. By donating money to The Humane Society, the organization can use those funds where it is needed most urgently first. The society is currently working with Greenville County Animal Care and Charleston Animal Society to aid families and pets affected by the hurricane.

4. Volunteer

After the storm has cleared, volunteers may be needed to clear debris or rebuild. Once volunteers are needed, local organizations will begin to ask for people to come and assist. Keep your eyes and ears open for any information. Typically, the local news stations will advertise along with various social media sites.

If you would like to aid victims of Hurricane Matthew, your efforts will certainly be appreciated. While donating your money and time is a wonderful thing to do, you need to make sure you are protecting yourself. Only donate if you’re sure you can do so safely.

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