Surgeon May Lose License Over Botched Procedures


A doctor in South Florida is accused of injuring four women during separate cosmetic procedures. The medical malpractice hearing of Dr. Osak Omulepu started last week in Fort Lauderdale. If the doctor is found guilty, he may have his license suspended or revoked.

According to records, each of the four women claim to have been hospitalized due to mistakes made by Omulepu during their cosmetic procedures. The women claim to have had life-threatening complications. One of the patients, a woman from Alabama, underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. She was hospitalized for a total of four months following the surgery and cannot feel one of her feet to this day.

The plaintiff’s attorneys told the court that the doctor injected fat into the woman’s sciatic nerve during the procedure. The result was nerve damage which may or may not be permanent. The other women claim that the doctor hit internal organs with his instruments during their procedures.

The defense is denying the allegations. They say that each patient knew the risks involved with the surgery. The defense also claims that each of the women’s injuries are known complications of their surgeries. An expert witness called to testify discussed the risks of the procedures.

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