Omaha Couple Awarded Millions In Medical Malpractice Case


An Omaha couple was awarded $11.5 million by a jury last week after a jury found in their favor following a medical malpractice lawsuit. The suit was filed against Nebraska Methodist Hospital and Physicians Clinic. While the defendants in the case have expressed their sympathies, they do not believe that any wrongdoing occurred.

According to court documents, Jackson Cuenca, was born in November 2010. The family’s attorneys say that forceps were improperly used, the child had breathing difficulties that were not attended to, and that his health deteriorated during delivery. As a result of these mistakes and complications, Jackson was left permanently disabled. Attorneys for the plaintiffs also said that records were tampered with prior to being handed over as evidence.

An attorney representing the defendants said that the defense believes that Jackson suffered a stroke during labor or delivery. The defendants maintain that this medical emergency is what led to the child’s disabilities. The award will be used to pay for Jackson’s ongoing medical needs.

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