New Legislation Aims to Dismiss Admissions as Evidence


In today’s medical malpractice world, if a doctor apologizes, many patients will accept the apology and move on. If they decide to file a lawsuit, that apology can’t be used against them as evidence, provided the doctor or other medical professional makes no admission of negligence or error. If the doctor does make an admission, that evidence can be used in court.

If Maryland’s hospital administrators have anything to say, that could change within the state. If it does, more states may follow suit. Administrators are pushing legislation that would make it easier for medical professionals to acknowledge when something goes wrong and not have that statement used as evidence in court.

Administrators argue that it is about more than protecting doctors – it is about protecting and assisting patients. In today’s litigious society, doctors are afraid to acknowledge their errors. This may lead to patients not being treated with appropriate care. Trial lawyers say that this is not what would happen. In fact they say it would leave patients vulnerable.

Patients who are unfamiliar with their legal rights and those who speak with doctors during recovery may not be able to make the best decisions. Despite the opponents’ opinion, several bills are being sponsored by legislators. Legislation such as this has already passed the House in Maryland last year but made it no further.

While hospitals say that this legislation is born out of rising costs associated with medical malpractice cases, trial lawyers say that there wouldn’t be cases if doctors weren’t making mistakes.

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