Multi-Million Dollar Verdict in Amputee Case


A South Carolina medical center is on the hook for nearly $14 million after a jury found the hospital and its employees guilty of medical malpractice. According to reports, a woman filed the lawsuit after her legs, left arm and fingers on her right hand were amputated. She alleged that the amputations were due to the negligent care of hospital staff.

The jury in the case found Aiken Regional Medical Centers guilty of medical malpractice. They ordered that the centers pay $10 million in economic damages and another $3.75 in non-economic damages.

It was found that the victim went to the hospital in December 2012 with sepsis. Her condition progressed to septic shock shortly thereafter. The suit said that she was not given medication until 14 hours after her admission to the hospital. The suit also said that she was not seen by a doctor until five hours after entering the emergency room. Later that night, the woman suffered a cardiac arrest and her extremities began to show mottling. She was ultimately transferred to another hospital where she underwent the amputations.

As a result of her amputations, the complaint filed said that the woman suffered with severe damage that was both permanent and catastrophic. That damage, the complain said, was the direct result of medical negligence.

The hospital released a statement saying that they did not agree with the jury’s decision, and that the patient had been given the best care and medical staff saved her life.

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