Needle Left in Back of Missouri Woman


8677934099_c246d78561_bImagine living with pain. Many of us can’t imagine it. Others of us struggle with it every day of our lives. Now imagine visiting a doctor to seek relief from that pain, only to leave the office worse than when you walked in.

That is exactly what happened to a Missouri woman who sought treatment for back issues. According to court documents, the woman, Claudia Ball, was suffering with degenerative and bulging discs. She underwent injections to her spinal column as a way to relieve the pain she felt. It’s a common treatment that many patients choose.

Unfortunately for Ball, an inch-and-a-half needle broke off in her back during an injection. The incident occurred in 2009, and Ball has been living with the needle in her back ever since. A four-day trial against Dr. Catherine Doty and the Allied Physician Group resulted in a $507,000 verdict for Ball. Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic in Chesterfield where Ball received treatment closed some time ago.

Doctors have attempted to remove the needle in Ball’s back and have been unsuccessful.

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