Jury Finds Doctor Not Guilty of Negligence


A jury has found that a Basalt doctor is not guilty in a lawsuit connected to the death of a man in Carbondale following the patient’s knee surgery.

Court documents indicate that Dr. Thomas Moore was named in a malpractice lawsuit along with Ursula Ayers, mother of Hans Ayers, alleging that Dr. Moore failed to catch symptoms of her son’s fatal blood clot in 2012.

However, the jury which consisted of three men and three women, plus two alternates, deliberated for only 90 minutes before finding the physician innocent of any negligence.

Moore had operated on Ayers’ left knee in order to repair a torn tendon after he was injured at his job with the Pitkin County Road and Bridge Department.

During a follow-up appointment on Dec. 17, 2012, Moore was to remove Ayers’ cast and fit him with a brace. But the brace wasn’t available that day, according to the lawsuit, and Moore offered to cut the cast in a way that would allow Ayers to remove it at home so he could begin range-of-motion rehabilitative exercises.

Ayers died the next morning of a pulmonary embolism.

During the arguments, the jury sided with the doctor and came to the conclusion that Ayers died of a blood clot that showed no symptoms.

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