Patient Alleges She Was Forced to Undergo Abortion Without Consent


A couple is suing a Torrance doctor who allegedly terminated the pregnancy of a woman without her consent because of an embryo mix-up during an in-vitro fertilization process.

According to court documents, David and Melissa Pineda have named Dr. Rifaat Salem in a malpractice lawsuit after an IVF treatment that Melissa Pineda received in February of 2014.

Melissa Pineda was implanted with embryos in Dr. Salem’s office on February 7th. Two days later, on a Sunday, the doctor called the home of the Pinedas and said he wanted to come into the office immediately, even though it was on the weekend.

When Melissa Pineda arrived at the office, she had a disturbing conversation with a nurse who said she came in to check on the couple’s remaining embryos and found all 14 original eggs still in the petri dish – suggesting that Mrs. Pineda received an implantation with another person’s embryos.

Dr. Salem, without any explanation said that he wanted to check on how the embryos were doing. Instead, Dr. Salem performed a very painful dilation and curettage procedure, also known as a D & C, which entailed scraping Mrs. Pineda’s cervix. The procedure is most often employed in early term abortions.

Dr. Salem recommended that Mrs. Pineda return the following day in order to receive an injection of a drug that would stop some of her bleeding. Mrs. Pineda later learned that what she received was a drug used for chemical abortion.

The Pinedas allege that they did not give their consent for either abortive procedure to be performed as they wanted to add a fourth child to their family. Counsel for Melissa and David Pineda allege that the doctor wanted to be absolutely certain that the pregnancy did not continue due to the mix-up that had been made. Further, The Pinedas say that they would never have consented for an abortion to have been performed.

Whether the mistake that a medical professional makes is intentional or not, patients should come to expect a certain level of medical care and accountability. When a doctor deceives a patient, trust has been broken and everyone suffers as a result. In such a case, that is when you need the services of a medical malpractice legal professional.

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