Are Hospitals in Michigan Using Dirty Tools?


Surgical_instruments_15Reporters from The Detroit News, Joel Kurth and Karen Bouffard, recently conducted an investigation for a series of reports and found that there is a dirty secret alive within the walls of some city hospitals. There seems to be a systematic problem with surgeons using dirty instruments during procedures, putting patients in danger. Thanks to the reporters, a state-federal investigation has begun.

According to evidence gathered by the duo, there have been years of complaints from staff and surgeons at Detroit Medical Center’s Midtown campus regarding the use of dirty instruments. No matter how concerning the use of dirty instruments is, what is even more startling is that complaints have been sounded for years.

Despite this information being released, the center has refused to release data regarding how many patients have contracted infections. Unfortunately, they aren’t required to, leaving the public in the dark. There is also no legal requirements that make surgeons inform patients of any complications during surgery. There are guidelines, but the are subjective. It then becomes a vicious cycle: Doctors don’t tell patients, patients have no idea, there is no one to inform regulators.

What will become of this problem now that state and federal officials are on the case is anyone’s guess. Despite more than a decade of complaints, as logged by the evidence collected during the investigation, nothing has been done to remedy the problem so far.

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