What Happens When You File a Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit?


Human-Male-White-Newborn-Baby-CryingIf your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after birth, there is little doubt that you experienced feelings of anxiety and sadness. It is not unusual. You expected a healthy baby and had already been planning for its future. Those dreams have been altered, and you are left wondering how you will provide a level of care for your child that you were not expecting necessary.

Many families who have a child with cerebral palsy choose to file lawsuits for medical malpractice. If you have chosen to do the same, you may be wondering what will happen once your lawsuit is filed. Here is a bit of what you need to know.

Once you have filed your lawsuit, your attorney will start to build your case. All important documents will be gathered as well as evidence that will be needed to win your case. Your attorney will want you to keep track of all of your child’s medical appointments and documentation. You cannot provide your attorney with too much information.

It is important to understand that your case may not be settled quickly. Cerebral palsy lawsuits are intricate and can take years to settle, especially if they go to trial. Here are the steps you can expect your lawsuit to take.

  1. Complaint is sent to defendant.
  2. Pre-trial litigation begins.
  3. The case goes to trial, or
  4. The case is settled out of court.

Your attorney will keep you apprised of the proceedings throughout every step in the process. Once you win your lawsuit, your attorney will advise you how to retrieve your compensation. Again, the process may not be a quick one, but it will be in your child’s best interest to see it through.

If you believe that your child was injured during the birthing process, our team of attorneys is here for you. Reach out to our office today and let us review the details of your case. We will provide you with an initial consultation at no cost. Call now or browse our website for more information about our firm and how we can assist you.

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