Gymnasts’ Doctor Accused of Sexual Assault

by Olympic medalist and another former gymnast have accused a longtime team physician of sexual abuse. One of the women filed a complaint in Michigan, the other filed in California. Both women allege that Dr. Larry G. Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics physician, of molesting them.

The women who filed the complaints say that Nassar abused them in the 1990s and early 2000s. They claim that the doctor fondled their genitalia and breasts. One of the women also claims that Nassar spoke inappropriately when the two were alone together.The second woman claims that Nassar was obviously physically aroused during one of her visits.

Nassar is no longer affiliated with team USA. The organization notified law enforcement immediately after the allegations became known. USA Gymnastics said that they learned of the allegations in 2015 and dismissed Nassar shortly after.

Despite the organization’s statement, an investigation by IndyStar found that the organization failed to make the allegations known.

Nassar and his attorney have said that his retirement from USA Gymnastics had nothing to do with the allegations. They are claiming that he wanted to work more closely with his employer, Michigan State University.

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