Family Awarded $10 Million in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit


InfuuszakjesA family from Gwynn Oak was awarded $10 million by a Baltimore jury. The jury found that the University of Maryland Medical System gave a family member a drug that ruined his colon and ultimately caused the man’s death.

According to reports, Dennis Allen was admitted to the University of Maryland Medical Center in the spring of 2013. He entered the hospital for kidney problems and, during treatment, developed potassium levels that doctors deemed were too high. To counteract his high potassium levels, doctors administered Kayexalate.

After being given the drug, Allen began to have blood in his stool. Medical staff was slow to respond to the issue, waiting several hours before testing Allen and determining that there was an issue with his colon.  Allen underwent surgery and had his colon removed. He died the next day.

The jury in the case determined that the medical staff was negligent. Doctors should have made the patient aware of the possible side effects of the drug, including colon damage. In fact, it was determined that doctors were unaware of the dangers of the drug.

The hospital released a statement after the verdict saying, in part, that they believed the verdict was based at least in part on sympathy. They also stated that they were very disappointed in the jury’s decision.

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