Gastric Bypass Popularity Leads to Rise in Medical Malpractice


Adjustable_Gastric_BandGastric bypass surgery has long been suggested as a way for individuals to lose a substantial amount of weight fairly quickly. Those who are severely overweight and have had no luck with traditional diet and exercise turn to the surgery as a final solution.

The invasive procedure has taken on different forms. Typically, the stomach is rerouted in some way so that food and beverages bypass the normal route of route through the body. People who have had the surgery are only able to eat small amounts and caloric intake is restricted. The result is rapid weight loss. Unfortunately, this invasive surgery does not always have a positive outcome.

Many surgeons advertise on the web or in print publications that they are able ¬†and willing to perform gastric bypass surgery. While many are highly qualified and more than capable, some aren’t. Because people first decide that they want the surgery and then search for a doctor, many patients find doctors who should not be performing the surgery at all. It is important to note that any surgeon should be researched prior to being chosen.

Research has shown that patients are more likely to experience complications when they choose surgeons who have performed fewer than 70 gastric bypass operations. These patients are not only more likely to experience injury, but they are more likely to die. For others, the damages occur after the surgery in the form of embolisms that cause free-floating clots in the bloodstream.

Any type of surgery is risky and should be undertaken with caution. In the case of elective surgeries, remember that you are your own health advocate. Picking a surgeon is not something to be done lightly. With a fair amount of research, you can be assured that you are choosing an experienced and qualified surgeon.

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