Cesarean Sections Can Lead to Injury or Death


Cry-babyWhen a doctor decides to perform a cesarean section it is often after much deliberation. A cesarean section is a serious medical procedure that is not performed lightly. When a vaginal birth is considered too dangerous for the infant of the mother, a doctor will determine that a cesarean section is the best decision for all involved.

A cesarean section can have many impacts on the future health of the mother and child. It is therefor recommended that the surgery only be performed when absolutely necessary and under the safest conditions possible. A C-section should only be performed when medically appropriate or when requested by a well-informed patient.

Unfortunately, cesarean sections are performed incorrectly on an all too frequent basis. When this occurs, the medical provider can be held accountable for any injuries or conditions that arise as a result of the surgery. Cesareans have saved millions of lives around the world since they were first performed. They have also harmed countless numbers. According to some doctors and other medical professionals, C-sections are being performed too routinely and for the wrong reasons.

A woman in Baltimore died on January 1 after bleeding excessively following a C-section. While this is not news in itself, the fact that the surgery may have been performed unnecessarily is. The woman was considered high-risk and the family is now demanding answers from the hospital. Stories like this are not uncommon as C-sections are being performed at higher rates than ever before.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of negligent medical care, we are here for you. Whether there has been a treatable birth injury or lasting damage, we want to fight for your rights. Our experienced attorneys will review your case at no cost to you and advise you how to more forward. We may be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries or those suffered by your loved one. Call now.

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