Florida Medical Malpractice Verdict Overturned


In 2015, a doctor was found liable for having not treated meningitis in a patient. Dr. Annabel Torres along with her insurer, The Doctor’s Company, were ordered to compensate William Plummer, a man who had sought relief on two separate occasions for an earache. A Florida appeals court has overturned that verdict.

In the original case, it was found that Torres had failed to properly treat Plummer’s earache. As a result, he visited the emergency room and eventually passed away from meningitis. Plummer’s wife filed a lawsuit and won. The jury found Torres liable for not sending the man to a specialist or the emergency room. She only prescribed an antibiotic, despite previous medications not working.

The defendants appealed and won. The court of appeals determined that the defense was never able to review a piece of evidence that had been introduced in the original trial. The appeals court also determined that some testimony from an expert witness was prejudicial.

While both of these things were enough to cause a judge to overturn the original verdict, they were not the only things that came into play. The fact that an earache is not a typical symptom of meningitis was also introduced. The judge decided that the earache was an unusual manifestation of the illness and it was not unreasonable that the doctor did not order a spinal tap.

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