Ex-Security Guard Only Wants to Walk Again


According to an ex-security guard, a misdiagnosis by an emergency room physician left him a quadriplegic. The man is claiming that he is entitled to over $20 million in damages. The case has been filed against Good Samaritan Hospital by Kyrus Rogers.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Brian Harris failed to diagnose and treat the man when he arrived at the hospital in pain. In May 2012, Rogers collapsed in his driveway. He was in good health at the time, and he was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital for assistance. Harris treated Rogers for stress and muscle aches rather than conducting any type of diagnostic imaging. Rogers was sent home with medication.

Within just 30 days of seeking treatment, Rogers’ condition worsened and he was left a quadriplegic. Rogers now lives with his mother who has become his caregiver. Although Harris was named in the original lawsuit, his name has been dropped from the case.

Rogers was ultimately diagnosed with transverse myelitis. The condition worsened rapidly and, had the doctor have acted within the accepted standard of care, may have been halted. Defense attorneys say that an MRI would not have diagnosed the rare condition, and that it is “medically naive” to believe that steroids would have aided Rogers in any way.

Defense attorneys also say that if a jury is inclined to award damages to Rogers, they should total no more than $4 million as this amount would pay for care for Rogers for the rest of his life.

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