Experimental Treatment Leads to Stroke


A medical malpractice trial began in California last week. The case was filed against a Newport Beach doctor who performed an experimental procedure on a patient diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The patient suffered a stroke as a result of the procedure.

According to court documents and reports, Linda Vicary went to Dr. Michael Arata for a balloon angioplasty in 2011. The experimental procedure was an attempt to control the symptoms of MS that the woman was experiencing, including difficulty with swallowing, balance and speech, as well as decreased strength.

Instead of experiencing relief from her symptoms, Vicary had a stroke. That stroke left Vicary unable to care for herself. According to her attorney, it was hours before Vicary was transported to a hospital. She can now not use her walker, dress herself or use the bathroom. She still suffers with symptoms of MS and now suffers with symptoms of having had a stroke.

In 2012, the experimental procedure was deemed dangerous by the FDA. The administration alerted the public to the risk of death or serious injury from the procedure. Vicary’s attorneys said that Dr. Arata and his colleagues advertised their practice to Canadian patients whose rates of MS are higher than that of Americans who have the illness.

Arata’s defense says that the procedure was uneventful and that the stroke was most likely caused by a perforation during the procedure. This is a known risk of the surgery.

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