$14.5 Million Awarded in Medical Malpractice Case


shutterstock_20069587A family in Clark County, Nevada has been awarded $14.5 million by a jury after it was determined that medical professionals were responsible for a child’s brain injury.

According to reports, a jury found that Ali Piroozi and Ralph Conti, both doctors, were responsible for the injury sustained by MayRose Hurst. Although the award was for $14.5 million, the award assigned as responsible to be paid by Conti will not be. Conti passed away in 2012 and had settled the case for $2 million prior to his death. The family’s award is reduced to approximately $5.8 million. That money will be paid by Piroonzi or his insurance company.

The child in the case was delivered prematurely at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Law Vegas. She remained in the neonatal intensive care unit for 11 weeks. Doctors did not tell her parents of her condition, failing to disclose the child’s severe anemia and lack of adequate red blood cells. Because no treatment was given, the girl is mostly blind and cannot speak or walk.

Along with her other medical issues, the child receives blood transfusions every three weeks, therapy and is on a list for a bone marrow transplant. The family has had to move to Philadelphia so that better medical care can be provided to the child.

The hospital where the child was delivered and cared for previously settled for $500,000. The hospital was not named in this lawsuit.

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