Incurable Illness Leads to Winning Verdict


A woman in Miami was recently awarded more than $20 million in a medical malpractice verdict. The woman, once a person who took trips to Haiti on medical missions, showing women how to look for lumps in their breasts, was diagnosed with breast cancer herself.

According to reports, the woman located a lump in her breast, and was misdiagnosed by not one, but multiple doctors. By the time a doctor finally diagnosed her with breast cancer, the cancer had become incurable. The single mother of two is not celebrating her win. Instead, she is sharing her story as a way to help women understand that it is important to not settle for the opinion of just one doctor.

It took close to a year for the woman to be diagnosed correctly. This was after, the woman says, she underwent not only physical exams, but imaging and biopsies. Unfortunately, the woman’s form of breast cancer and mastitis, an infection commonly found in lactating women, mimic one another. The woman was breast feeding her son while attempting to get a proper diagnosis.

In this case, the imaging center was found to hold the majority of the responsibility for the misdiagnosis. The woman’s initial doctor was found only partially at fault. The doctor’s attorneys will be filing an appeal. The attorneys believe that if the imaging center had done its job correctly, the doctor would not have misdiagnosed the woman.

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