$50 Million Medicare Fraud Case Moves to Sentencing


A huge Medicare fraud case may finally be coming to an end in New Orleans. In a scheme involving $50 million in fraudulent claims, two doctors and a registered nurse were sentenced to jail for their role in the plot. The sentencing of four other people is expected to begin this week, and at least six others were indicted during the investigation.

Between 2007 and 2014, the owner and operator of Medical Specialists of New Orleans submitted claims to Medicare for home health services. The indictment cliams that 88% of the over 9,000 claims made were fraudulent. These services were either medically unnecessary or were simply not delivered at all. The sentences handed down so far include years in prison and millions of dollars in restitution.

When health professionals conspire to defraud insurance companies and federal health programs, the costs are passed down to the average consumer. This is one of the reasons why medical costs are so high in this country. It could be considered a form of malpractice as well. For instance, if one of the undelivered medical services in this case was indeed necessary and caused harm, it could open the provider up to further liability.

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