Frivolous Suits That Should Not Have Made it to Court


Medical professionals have long complained about frivolous lawsuits. While some medical malpractice suits certainly have their merit, others are nothing but a waste of the court’s time. Baseless lawsuits happen every day. People are not required to prove their cases to an incredibly high standard thanks, in part, to these ridiculous suits. Here are just a few of the
most shockingly embarrassing:

  1. Off Goes the Hand

A construction worker used a power saw to slice off his own hand after claiming to see “666” carved into it. His hand was packed in ice by coworkers and he was promptly transported to the hospital. A surgeon attempted to reattach the hand but the patient refused to give his consent. It should be noted that the patient was deemed competent by a psychiatrist. Later on, that patient sued the surgeon claiming that he was psychotic and the surgeon should have reattached his hand despite his refusal to allow the surgery.

  1. Double Mastectomy

A patient, believing she was at high risk for breast cancer, had a surgeon remove both of her breasts and reconstruct them. The patient’s abdominal tissue was used for the operation. The patient then began to pen love letters to her surgeon, and her advances were turned down. She then filed a suit, claiming her new breasts “twitched” whenever she participated in sexual activity.

  1. Psychic Ability Lost

Touted as the “poster child” for tort reform, a case reached court that never should have. A psychic filed a medical malpractice claim, stating that her practice was negatively impacted when she had dye injected into her body prior to a CT scan. She sued saying that the dye led to headaches which impeded her ability to go into the deep trances necessary to aid law enforcement officials by using her special abilities. Surprisingly to many, she won her case.

These three cases are just minor examples of what people believe to be medical malpractice. They are also part of the reason that it can now be so difficult to prove a case. If you have been injured by a medical professional, let an experienced attorney review the details before you decide to move forward.

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