Wyoming Woman Sues for Permanent Disability


A woman from Casper, Wyoming is suing a medical center according to recently released court records. The woman is claiming that she has severe and permanent disabilities following a surgery she underwent in 2014.

According to the suit, the woman underwent a procedure to repair a fracture to her shinbone. As part of the procedure, the woman underwent the insertion of a laryngeal mask airway. That mask was left in her throat for more than a half hour after the surgery was over.

Despite recommendations from the manufacturer that a mask should not be used in a patient who is obese or has gastric reflux, conditions which the woman has, the mask was used. The woman was left unable to speak in a normal volume, could not breathe well, had difficulty wallowing and had a dry throat that did not go away.

The woman reported her symptoms to medical staff before she was discharged, but her complaints went unchecked. The woman was ultimately diagnosed with permanent paralysis of one of her vocal cords.

As part of the lawsuit, the woman is seeking $22 million. She is seeking damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disability and disfigurement. She is also seeking damages for emotional pain and distress, lost wages, diminished earning capacity and loss of consortium.

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