Wisconsin One of Toughest States for Malpractice Victims


https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/download-picture.php?adresar=170000&soubor=dollar-banknotes-and-judge-gavel-1461999614UhO.jpg&id=164531Research shows that there are approximately 700 deaths in the United States each day due to medical negligence or error. A television station looked into medical malpractice deaths in Wisconsin and came up with some disturbing information.

Johns Hopkins led a research study that found that medical errors were the cause of death in more than 250,000 patients each year. That makes medical mistakes the third leading cause of death in America. Unfortunately, if that malpractice occurs in Wisconsin, it can be difficult to seek justice.

In the state, the cap on medical malpractice cases is lower than in many other states. For University of Wisconsin doctors, the limit is set at $250,000. For other physicians in the state, the cap is set at $750,000. This means that no matter the cost of your bills, the amount of injury or the dramatic way your life was impacted, you may never get what you truly deserve.

Since 2000, malpractice suits in Wisconsin have dropped more than 50%. Lawyers are reluctant to take on cases because of the limit on awards. Because these attorneys often work on a contingency basis, taking on a lengthy case with such low caps is often, unfortunately, not worth their time.

While 35 states have caps on the damages that can be awarded in medical malpractice cases, Wisconsin ranks among the states with the lowest limits. Other states, like New York, have no restrictions on the amount a victim can be awarded.

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