What is Microcephaly?


hqdefaultThe human brain is a virtual machine. It helps us make decisions, process information and create works of imagination. It also keeps us alive. As it is developing, the brain is incredibly fragile and any disruption in that development can cause lifelong health impairments.

One of these impairments is microcephaly. The brain does not develop at a normal rate or reach a typical size. Children with this condition have heads that are small than those of peers the same gender and age. Not only is the head smaller, but children may be dealt a host of complications including developmental delays and cognitive deficits.

Microcephaly can have genetic components or be caused by medical negligence or error. For example, a lack of oxygen to the developing fetal brain can lead to this condition. The condition is a rare one, affecting only about 25,000 infants each year.

While microcephaly and its symptoms and complications can vary with child, one thing is always true: There is no cure for the condition. There are several ways that children can be treated and, in the best cases, those with proper treatment lead incredibly normal lives.

If your child’s pediatrician gives a diagnosis of microcephaly, you can expect to be seen by specialists and therapists. These medical professionals will help provide treatment to your child and give you realistic expectations as to what your child will deal with as they grow.

There is little doubt that you were expecting a normal birth and a typical child when you found out you were pregnant. Do not let the diagnosis of microcephaly dash the dreams you had for your child. With the right treatments and therapies, many children with microcephaly develop in a close to normal way.

If your child was diagnosed with microcephaly and a genetic component has been ruled out, you may have a case for medical malpractice. Call our office now for a free case evaluation and let us tell you how we can assist your family. Our team is here for you and your child. Call now or browse our website for more information about our firm.

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