West Virginia Hospital Accused of Improper Care


A family has filed a lawsuit against Pediatrix Medical Group PC, Charleston Area Medical Center Inc. and James W. Lowery MD, alleging medical malpractice and negligence.

According to reports, the West Virginia family went to the hospital seeking treatment for the infant boy. As a result of a lack of proper care, the child suffered permanent brain injury along with other medical damages. Because of the injuries sustained by their son, the parents are claiming a loss of consortium, services and comfort of their son. The parents are alleging that the defendants failed to utilize hypothermia/cooling treatments.

The parents of the child are seeking a trial by jury. They want compensation that will cover their damages, along with other compensation that provides relief. The family has suffered financially due to the mistakes allegedly made by medical professionals. The date of the first court appearance is not known.

What is known is that no family should have to watch their child suffer. When seeking treatment at a hospital or emergency room, a family has the right to believe that their child will be cared for properly, their medical issue will be diagnosed, and treatment will begin promptly. When these things don’t happen, a family has the right to seek damages in a court of law.

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